Limitless Lessons provide specially adapted private music lessons that will meet the personal and musical needs and goals of each student. Although open to students of all ages and abilities, these lessons are especially beneficial to those with cognitive, social, emotional, or physical challenges. This program will give students the opportunity to learn musical concepts at a pace that matches their abilities and interests. Limitless Lessons utilizes a holistic approach to learning music, which includes:

  • Challenging students cognitively and physically.
  • Creating an outlet and language to express emotions.
  • Providing opportunities to practice social interactions and behavioral regulation.
  • Allowing students to have fun!


What instruments are involved in Limitless Lessons?

The primary instrument taught in Limitless Lessons is piano; however tuned & untuned percussion instruments as well as ukulele are often integrated into the lesson structure if appropriate.

What do you mean by “adapted lessons”?

As the Limitless Lessons instructor, Sihaam adapts lessons by customizing, designing, & creating personalized songs, worksheets, & musical activities that not only affirm musical concepts but also work towards that student’s individual growth goals.

What are some examples of personal goals students might have?

– Increased range of motion
– Increased motor skills
– Increased communication/verbalization
– Improved social skills
– Emotional identification & regulation
– Longer focus periods/On-task behavior

What is a parent/guardian’s involvement in Limitless Lessons?

This will vary from student to student, depending on the student’s comfort level as well as their abilities. Sihaam finds value in spending time one-on-one with students as she feels that this provides them with the opportunity to strengthen their independent communication and socialization skills in a safe environment.

However, Sihaam is committed to keeping an open line of communication and consultation with parents/guardians, recognizing they are the best resource on their child’s strengths and areas of growth. In between lessons, it’s vital that parents encourage the students to practice at home as well as spend a few minutes reviewing new musical concepts. As a result, Sihaam is excited to team up with parents/guardians, so as to encourage at-home practice and review.

How will my child’s needs and growth goals be assessed and decided?

We ask that all incoming Limitless Music Lesson students fill out a supplementary questionnaire to assist Sihaam in creating a lesson plan that best serves the individual student’s needs and personal/musical growth goals.

How do I register?

Please contact the HCA Admin Team at 905-528-4020 or info[at] We will discuss available days/times with you. Once this has been decided with HCA, you can register using the below link. NOTE: due to the constraints of the online registration system, a specific time cannot be chosen. Please indicate in the Additional Info/Comments section the day/time/lesson length for which you are registering. Upon enrollment, we ask that you complete our supplementary questionnaire. The staff will follow up on your registration with payment options. Should you experience any difficulties enrolling or have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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