HCA has a rich history, and we want to ensure that our legacy is recorded and publicly available for our wonderful patrons and students to enjoy for years to come. Through the generous funding of Canada Summer Works, Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts is excited to launch its brand-new Archives!

Archives as a whole deal primarily with documentary materials and other 2-D objects like pictures and pamphlets. Through the preservation and conservation of these items, HCA and our Archivist are charting our roadmap forwards and backwards through time.

Below is the first project to stem from the implementation of the archives, a timeline of how we got from the Hamilton Conservatory of Music, to the Hamilton Conservatory of Arts. This space will continue to change and grow as we hit new milestones, and want to show off different aspects of our history.
As Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts Dance Theater and Arts for All are non-profit organizations under the Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts umbrella, we want to make sure that we are showcasing their history and progress as well. You can click below to see their websites, and to donate to the organization to support their work if you are able. 

Share your experiences and memories with HCA below!


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