Teaching Focus:

Dance, Flamenco
Rocío Conde is a Venezuelan flamenco dancer and educator. Rocío started dancing flamenco 20 years ago and has been a flamenco teacher and choreographer for 14 years. She has taught flamenco to children, adults, and seniors in 4 countries. In Venezuela, she was a finalist in the first edition of Premio Torbellino Flamenco in 2011, a flamenco dance competition that brings together artists and flamenco students from every corner of the country. In 2017, she won Second Prize in Flamenco Certamen USA, held at Lincoln Center in the city of New York. She has studied with flamenco masters in Venezuela, Spain, USA, Australia, and Canada. She moved to Toronto in December 2019, where she teaches flamenco and continues to study flamenco with Maria Serrano and Esmeralda Enrique. Additionally, Rocio is an apprentice with Esmeralda Enrique’s Spanish Dance Company. Rocio is also an independent dancer and choreographer and dances in Flamenco tablaos, private parties, and public events. Flamenco and education are her deepest vocations and passions.

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