We know how tough it can be to return to taking classes from home. After being in-studio with teachers and classmates all fall, logging online for your classes and lessons can feel isolating.

We’ve collected a few tips to make sure your at-home learning experience is fun and enjoyable, so that you can feel ready for our in-person return to classes!

1. Prepare your space

Find the optimal space in your home for class – somewhere that is quiet, well-lit and feels inspirational! Make sure you have some room to move around.

Some ideas for making your space feel special:

  • Write or print out some of your favourite quotes to post around your space
  • Find pictures and create drawings to hang up that make you feel happy
  • Take a few minutes in the space to journal about your favourite parts of studying your craft

2. Grab your tools of the trade

Be sure to have your ballet slippers or watercolours or sheet music or script or notebook, or anything else you might need! Keeping it close at hand will ensure that you don’t need to go hunting for it during your class.

Don’t forget:

  • Your water bottle. This will come in handy for any class, from dance, to acting, to music
  • Your charger, to ensure your device doesn’t run out of juice
  • Earphones, if preferred
  • A pencil or pen

3. Adjust your tech

Test out the camera and microphone on your device to make sure you can be seen and heard. This is especially important so that your instructor can offer support or corrections during your class or lesson.

4. Get in touch with your teacher or classmates

Learning from home can be tough, but making sure there is a clear line of communication between you and your teacher can help! Your instructors want you to succeed and have fun, and they can answer any questions or address any concerns you might have about studying online. 

Staying in touch with a friend or two from class can create accountability and offer a sense of support when you need it.

You can follow HCA on social media to stay in touch with school life, and see what other classes are up to! Find us on Instagram @ArtsLiveAtHCA.

5. Rekindle your inspiration

Check out the HCA YouTube channel for at-home stretch and strength videos for dancers, and search us up on Spotify (126james) for playlists to get you feeling creative at home!

6. Be kind to yourself

Taking classes and lessons at home feels so different than being in-studio, so don’t be hard on yourself if you struggle to find motivation! You are building skills, determination and resiliency just by logging on and being present.

We can’t wait to see you back in the studios at HCA, but until then, stay creative. Follow us on Instagram for more!



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