This July, join us in the HCA Black Box Theatre with theatre for the entire family!

In partnership with The Hamilton Fringe Festival, HCA presents four productions to instill audiences of any age with wonder, excitement, and memories and conversations to carry long after leaving the theatre. Join us from July 21-31 to see what we have to offer.

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Dragon on the Hill

Recommended for ages 4+

Once upon a time, in a place not too far from here, there lived a dragon… 

The Dragon likes to look down at all the people in the town below as they go about their lives. But the Dragon feels like something is missing. With the help of the audience, the Dragon will discover what it needed all along. Dragon on the Hill is an interactive drama workshop that combines dramatic play and performance. This short interactive performance combines dramatic play and performance as the audience helps our two artist-educators tell the story of Dragon on the Hill. Our artist-educators will help the audience warm up their bodies, voices, and imaginations (just like actors do!) so they can help tell the story. The audience will use their imaginations, learn songs, make sound effects, and with their help, the Dragon discovers music, friendship, and fun. 


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My Voice

Recommended for ages 8+

When the noise around you becomes overpowering, how do you trust your own voice? Being a kid in a world that’s constantly changing is overwhelming. My Voice invites an ensemble of children to explore what it means to have the right to speak, be seen, be heard, and confidently take their place in the spotlight, sharing what it means to grow up in a pivotal era where their voices are more important than before.

Conceived, created and performed by the HCA Right to Play Youth Ensemble

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Recommended for ages 12+

Teetering on the edge of adolescence and adulthood, the Teen Creation Collective gathers to explore what it means to be a generation unlike any who came before. In a universe of uncertainty, vast possibility, and more questions than answers, Ignite sparks a conversation about what it means to embark on a journey into a new world. Ignite is devised, crafted, and performed by the Teen Creation Collective, proving once again that youth voices are vital.

Conceived, created and performed by the HCA Teen Creation Collective


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Whale Fall

Recommended for ages 10+

Whale Fall is a one-act drama about the extinction of Canada’s southern resident orcas and one woman’s journey to find the last remaining whale as she struggles with memories of her father. This intimate duet navigates the painful waters of family, memory and climate change. Second Place Winner – Hamilton Fringe New Play Contest 2022.

Please note: This play deals with themes of species extinction, climate change, and parental loss.

Same Boat Theatre

Playwright: Stephen Near

Director: Aaron Joel Craig

Featuring: Stephanie Hope Lawlor and Ray Louter


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