By Abbey Keays and Sarah Foley, 2021 HCA Creation Collective participants 


For the past 2 weeks we have been looking upon perspectives. In this photo, you can see how the shot is being taken from behind and how someone sees you looking in a mirror rather than how you see yourself. It’s important we captured these moments because that’s what our show is about! We touch on this exact topic in our piece with a poem called How I See Myself, feat. Abbey Keays and Anneula Monchamp.


This photo shows our board of ideas; something you could call our collective thought process. We have categories for things like what we find fascinating, what we are curious about, what we think people in general should reconsider and the change we think we need and other people need in their lives. This board is what we basically based the whole show off of, which is something I find really cool about this process.


Discussion Time!

In these circles is where we discussed scenes, ideas for prompts, poems, music and visual art to use in the piece. You name it!


We Are Better Together

This is a photo of the girls in the group after our first week. We had just finished filming our piece on sticking together!



Movement is important for the body and the mind and acting helps portray that. In this photo we are working on our perception of feelings and the way we can physically express them.

Credits: Photos taken by Anneula, Stephanie and Abbey


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