Teaching Focus:

Music, Piano, Theory

Ever since the first time he saw his teacher play the piano, at age four, Michael knew he wanted to master this wonderful instrument. Lessons began at age 9, and after three years he was playing Gr. VIII repetoire. High School was spent ploughing through Beethoven Sonatas and Chopin Polonaises, Bach Prelude & Fugues and Czerny studies. After studying with Valerie Tryon, Hamilton’s own premier concert pianist, he went on to obtain his ARCT at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. His teachers there were Marietta Orlov, Antonin Kubalek and Vera Danchenko. Subsequently, Mr. Andrushko was offered a teaching position at this venerable Canadian institution. He also taught for five years at the Kingsway Conservatory of Music in Toronto’s west end.Mr. Andrushko has over 30 years teaching experience (he started when he was 15) and teaches all ages and grades. Michael is honoured to be a member of the HCA, and is presently embarking on his second ARCT: the new 3-tiered Diploma course in Piano Pedagogy. His specialties include:

– establishing a secure foundation for beginners
– piano technique & studies
– intermediate and early advanced repetoire
– piano 4-hands repetoire (duets)
– small ensembles
– elementary, intermediate & advanced theory
– music history
– vocal and instrumental accompanying


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