The Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts is proud to offer a holistic, non-competitive approach to creative development and training of our dance, music, art and theatre program participants.

Our philosophy is simple:  an environment which emphasizes team work and individual goal-setting enables students to build self-esteem and skills that last a lifetime. In order to achieve greatness, and meet their truest potential, HCA has developed unique programs and workshops that respond to the needs of aspiring young artists.

One of the programs which exemplifies our approach is the Creative Futures dance program. Creative Futures provides dancers with a rare chance to tackle dance from a choreographic perspective. Students learn to develop story within dance while receiving mentorship and feedback from our esteemed faculty and guest teachers. Dancers get the chance to work with renowned and professional choreographers from around the world to further enhance their dance education here at the HCA. Dancers emerge inspired, confident and armed with a greater understanding of dance as a language.

Within this program dancers are encouraged to create their own work with choice of music, movement and ability to work as a solo, duet or as a team. They study various ideas used in choreography, such as, how to choose music and movement, what qualities work best within smaller group settings, learning about flow and dynamics, as well as studying what goes into making a piece of choreography powerful and meaningful.

Students get to present their works at their very own performance in the HCA Recital Hall. Here students get the chance to audition their works for the Hamilton Place stage for the year end recital.

If you love choreographing to the beat of your own drum, this is a great opportunity to express yourself and show off your talents!

This program is encouraged for Level 4 students and up (ages 11 and up). 

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