Music Wonderland

Age Range: 3 – 4 (must be 3 by September of enrolled school year)

Time Commitment: 45 mins/week

Music Wonderland is designed to provide children with an introduction to music in a positive and enjoyable atmosphere. Together with their parents, children experience singing, introductory keyboard activities, movement, and listening to music. Music Wonderland lays the foundation for a lifetime of enjoyable music-making through these carefully planned activities.


Course Details:

Form of lesson: Group lesson of up to 8 children

Parent Attendance: Required

Tuition: $805.26 + registration fee ($30 single, $50 for family) 

Monthly Payment Plan: $268.42 

Term Payment Plan: $80.53

Please note that tuition quoted on the website is based upon the full year. Prices are pro-rated if a student joins at a later date. This course has an additional book fee (TBD)

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