Level VIII Ballet

Age Range: 14 – 15
Time Commitment: 3.25 hrs/week

Level VIII Ballet explores beyond the basic elements of ballet and develops artistry in an exam setting. The students will explore pointe as a part of their repertoire and enhance technical skills that will progress into the advanced levels of Vaganova Ballet. Class occurs twice a week including a 45-minute pointe class. Pointe shoes must be approved by the dance instructor.

Tuition: $2907.89 + registration fee ($30 single, $50 for family) 

Monthly Payment Plan: 290.79

Term Payment Plan: $969.30

Please note that tuition quoted on the website is based upon the full year. Prices are pro-rated if a student joins at a later date. 



If you are registered in another type of style of dance such as lyrical or modern that is back to back with your ballet class, please purchase the transition tights).

Absolutely no skirts or leg warmers please.

If you are transitioning from hip hop into these classes, please inform your teachers and change quickly.


Capezio CC100
Royal Blue Leotard


So Danca TS-73 or TS-74
Footed Light Pink
So Danca TS-81 or TS-82
Light Pink Transition


Capezio Hanami 2037W Light Pink Canvas Ballet Slipper
So Danca SD-16
Light Pink Canvas Ballet Slipper Or Equivalent
(Level 4 And Up)

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