Jazz II (Intermediate)

Age Range: 12 – 14

Time Commitment: 1 hr/week

In Intermediate Jazz, students will learn body isolations, progressions across the floor, and develop their rhythmic accuracy and style. Dancers will also apply technical skills and jazz dance elements in choreographed combinations.

Tuition: $894.73

Monthly Payment Plan: $298.24

Term Payment Plan: $89.47

Please note that tuition quoted on the website is based upon the full year. Prices are pro-rated if a student joins at a later date. 


Absolutely no baggy clothing or loose tank tops. It is important for your teacher to see your body and be able to prevent the dancer from injuring themselves.


Leotard or tank. (Colours are optional)

Snug Fitting Black Shorts
(Capezio TB113C/TB113)


Tights are optional. If transitioning from ballet class, tights are allowed


Black slip on jazz shoe. Brand is optional.

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