Art Fundamentals

Age Range: 9 – 11

Time Commitment: 1.5 hr/week

Students will develop artistic skills while exploring diverse mediums and styles, working from their own ideas to create original works of art. Taking inspiration from historical and contemporary artists, they will learn the fundamentals and techniques of drawing, painting, sculpture, mixed media, and printmaking. Students will be encouraged to complete original individual and group pieces in a supportive atmosphere that is both fun and rewarding. They will build a personal portfolio of their works as well as display their favourite pieces in a final term exhibition.

Tuition: $1342.10 + registration fee ($30 single, $50 for family) 

Monthly Payment Plan: 134.21

Term Payment Plan: $447.37

Please note that tuition quoted on the website is based upon the full year. Prices are pro-rated if a student joins at a later date. 

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